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Centre Stage Hairdressing uses a range of products to give their client’s hair the best possible treatment.

Centre Stage Hairdressing has used Keune products for the last 10 years and finds they produce amazing results and are gentle on the scalp. For those who prefer ammonia free products there is the Keune So Pure range.

Centre Stage offers the Bhave Rescue treatment and Bhave Keratin Straightening. The Bhave Rescue treatment helps to repair, restore and protect hair that has become damaged, dry or brittle. The Bhave Keratin Straightening lasts up to 5 months and makes curly, frizzy and difficult hair easier and quicker to manage.

Centre Stage also uses Moroccanoil products which are infused with nutrients and antioxidants which leave hair feeling soft and silky. Moroccanoil products are gentle and suitable for all hair types.

If you’re suffering from hair loss or want to grow your hair the Saryna KEY Anti Skeptic Treatment Shampoo may help. This shampoo strengthens the roots of the hair and helps prevent hair loss and thinning. This shampoo and other Saryna KEY products are available at Centre Stage Hairdressing.